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All Scion Show 4.0

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Willson Scion in Ames,IA is sponsoring/holding the ALL SCION SHOW 4.0 again this year. Now last year we had over 130 people and 69 registered Scions from all around the states.

So i came here not to spam but to just be aware that , the show is going to be awsome this year , more prices, more people and with support of the ScinergyIA Scion Club. We treat everybody nice!

So visit the thread, no need to register.


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my Scion club Scinergy SoCal went there 2 years ago. they said that they has a blast. i wish i can go, but i got school and stuff...
sorry to hear that you will not attend this one :( ...........we are expecting around 100 scion's this year 1.0 we started with 30 i think registered scions.

Alex at Wilson toyota is a champ of preparing such events!.....

So far we had most scion's at 1 show in mid-west! i think that's an awsome , its not because i am VP but i think it's good to see how people are dedicated to scion and love to meet and explore other scions even if they have to travel 10hours....
I was at last years Wilson Scion Show and will be at this one for sure.
I just wanted to post that this event is coming up QUICK..........I'll be there judging this one and would be glad to see as many of the folks from this site as well as others there. It's going to be a fun time.

Hope to see/meet some of you there. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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