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all trac wagons

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does anyone know if i would be able to swap out parts from other early model corollas or celicas onto an 1989 corolla all trac? and if i would be able to use performance parts from those cars.
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Not really, depends what you're looking for. what exactly are you thinking.. maybe being more specific would help. You could use some 88-89 Corolla GTS parts, but nothing from Celicas that I know of. If you're thinking Celica ALL-TRAC parts, you're out of luck because the Celica ALL-TRAC and Corolla ALL-TRAC are totally different cars.
right now just mostly suspesion parts. ill worry about the the engine later on when i can afford to do major things to it. i just want the car to handle right now.
You might be able to use the Corolla GTS suspension, you would have to look at part numbers to verify.. but most likely yeah.
thats good to hear. thanks.
afaik, the alltrack wagons have leaf springs in the back.
Are you sure? I'm not sure if they did in North america.. I know the non All-Tracs didn't. You sure you're not thinking of the old Tercel All-Tracs??
actually its a solid axle coild spring suspension in the rear.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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