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All wheel drive help

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Is anyone familiar with a 1989 Toyota Corolla sedan DX? I have 2 questions: this car is an all wheel drive however when it's in 4WD, there's a grinding noise when in reverse. When put in 2 WD, this does not happen.
Is it harmful to drive this car in 2WD all the time? Also, any ideas what would cause the grinding sound?
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it SHOULDN"T be harmful to drive in 2wd...
It isn't the least bit harmful to drive in 2WD, but you should engage 4WD periodically so as to prevent leaks and such from disuse. The grinding noise seems like it might be something in the centre differential, but I'm not very familiar with these cars.
I heard that if you engage you car too much in 4WD then the shaft will have wear and tear... I have a friend who are driving 4WD vehical... he said if you have sound maybe is the rear wheel shaft problem...

Have a check
If it only happens in 4WD I would think it is the rear diff not the center...

And I though only the four-door hatch-back Corollas came in 4wd, you say you have a 4wd sedan? Got pics?
Wow you must be the only one in the world with another one! I thought I had the only one, from the info I've gathered the All-trac sedan was only made for one year in 1989, which is the same year as mine.

To answer your question, it depends on what type of transmission you have, if it's a manual, it's full time All wheel drive, and the center button will is only a "diff lock" button, meaning it transfers power 50% and 50% to the rear when locked. It looks like this:

If you have an automatic, then it uses a different system, where it is in 2wd untill you hit the button then it engages the AWD.

If the sound doesn't happen when you are going forward then I would it's something to do with the reverse. I wouldn't worry too much if it drives okay in 4wd in forward. Any pics of it? Here's mine:

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you should not engage the 4wd unless the road is slippery. it could damage your drivetrain
wow i didnt know they made awd sedans thats pretty tight. anyone know a site that shows how many corollas were made and what trim levels per year?
Wow, sweet cars.

Damm you Toyota! Bring back AWD and Turbochargers!!:hammer:
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