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All You Need To Know About Intakes

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Since the topic of Intakes has been beaten to death a million times over, I am putting together this thread to answer any questions you might have about intakes.

Q. What's the difference between a Short-Ram and a Cold Air Intake?
A. A Short-Ram intake is a short intake which sits inside the engine bay. A Cold Air Inake extends down where the stock intake was previously.

Q. Will an aftermarket intake hook up directly to where my previous intake was?
A. Yes it will. Unless otherwise advertised my the manufaturer of the product, it should hook up perfectly without any major modifications.

Q. Will I have to do any modifications to the intake?
A. You will have to drill to put in some on the sensors that were in the stock intake. But besides that, nothing major.

Q. Will an intake from another engine fit my car?
A. Unless the engines have a matching manifold, it won't (there are some small cases where this is un-true).

Q. Can I modify an intake from another car to fit mine?
A. You can, however it would be best to get an intake that is made for your car specifically.

Q. What would be the best filter to use?
A. K&N, TRD, and Airhog are some of the top filters made. You can find them in any size you need. Including drop in filters for your stock air box.

Q. Which is better, Cold Air Intake or Short-Ram Intake?
A. They both have there uses. Short-Ram give you a much deeper sound. But they tend to suck in hot air from the engine bay. And that can cause power loss. Cold Air Intakes take in cooler air from outside the engine bay, so they tend to run a little better.

Q. Can I make my own Cold Air Intake?
A. Yes. Infact here's the thread. Click Me!

Q. How big of gains can be expected from adding an intake?
A. Gains tend to varie depending on engine and it's condition. However they tend to be minimal.

If anyone has anything to add, please feel free. However I would like to request that no one post comments. I would like to keep this a 100% informative thread. If there are any corrections that you think should be made, please PM me.

Happy Tuning :)
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