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Aloha, gang! I just bought myself a 2005 Prius and just wanted to introduce myself. :grin:

I'm a medical clerk in a pain management clinic. I'm also probably one of the geekiest persons you'll know (D&D, M:tG, PUBG, OW, Robert Jordan, Alex Ross, etc.).

I used to have a 97 Corolla but she crapped out on me. Then my room mate let me drive her 2008 Prius while she was on leave for 2 weeks. I finally decided to get another vehicle and thought highly enough of her Prius and got my own. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a reverse camera. :frown:

Question. Are there any other same gen owners that have the same issue I have? I have the habit of double pressing the unlock button on the keyfob but that seems to freak out my baby and it starts honking like the alarm is going off. So I have to rearm the alarm again and start over. I've learned since to place a small pause between presses since it seems to freak her out a bit. It's not a big deal really. I plan on putting in an aftermarket alarm system in the future.


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