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Am I beating a Dead Horse?!

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Ok guys, I hate to do this. I have been searching all day about fitment of a Gen 4 FSB on a Gen 3. Yes I do know about the understeer that will be generated by upgrading the FSB. Its worth it for the enormous weight of the Camry. As some of you may or may not know after the accident from last October which left the Cam immobile for many mouths I finally got all the parts to bring it back to life this past April. I upgraded from the Ksport Kontrol Pros to Ksport GT Pros. Well worth the extra penny. I have noticed that I am getting wheel tucking in the turns in the front. So to help with this I need to go the extra mile again and upgrade the FSB.

If anyone knows if the Gen 4 FSB fits the Gen 3 let me know.

Also a pictures of the Gen 3 and Gen 4 FSBs would be awesome!

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:deadhorse Sorry I saw your title and I had to use it....:D Not sure if it will fit, I guess keep looking, but it sounds like you already have an idea that it will work and want to go with it.
the whiteline FSB does fit IIRC, and it does help. what it causes is more snap understeer then anything else. so your car handeling limit will be extended (handle better), but the line between control and outa control will be smaller.
....If you want understeer...just put 25mm spacers on ur car...thatll do the job perfectly. I can barely control my car after 90mph.....:facepalm:
Off Topic: Dude I just saw your ride on Cardomain.......Damn that thing is clean....
Sweet. If it fits and helps then I'll be happier. Dont forget for a long time people told me that I would hate coilovers. 3yrs later I am still rolling on them and on a even stiffer set so I bet I can live with a little understeer.

jtex2717: thanks for the comment!
I know this doesn't really help- but I am inclined to say that the gen3 FSB doesn't fit the gen3 (without actually ever really thought or compared the two)

and this is for one main reason- they bolt up in very different places on the two different chassis. on the Gen4, it bolts up to an endlink attached to the strut. On the gen3, I believe it attaches to an endlink attached to the a-arm or something....I can't picture where it actually attaches to off hand though...

And as such, I would presume that the dimensions will be at least different to a certain degree on the two different bars

if you are thinking about understeer, I would think that the UR 4-point underbrace would probably also create a bit more understeer than without it
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