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i don't have the VVTi engine, mine is the lame 3.0... i mean its fun, yea, but i'd love to toss a SC on there!

oh well - guess the blue beast isn't gonna be getting any faster any time soon.. sure wish they'd offer some more aftermarket for my toy..

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UfoZ8myCow said:
They do for the 5SFE... RippModds. Or you can just swap a 1MZ in there and youre gold for a TRD S/C.
i have a 93 i dont have the 1MZ...that would be dumb to swap another v6...cause a custom turbo set up would probably be cheaper than a swap + trd sc...right? or not?

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psyjoniz said:
then why can't my car take one?... its a 1mzfe engine, whats the problem?... :(
Did you just ignore what I said above? Someone has already done it. I forgot the guys name but he has the same model year Camry as you before they switched it to VVTI and he added the Supercharger. I am not sure if he encountered any problems but his car is definitely TRD supercharged. Last time I remember seeing him was on the teamsc3 boards(

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trdcamry2003 said:
His name is roysan. He has a 2002 1mz without vvti. It can be done.
Exactly. The biggest differences that I could see getting in the way are the ECU and the Drive-by-Wire system.

I don't think anyone's even really tried the VVT-i engine...
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