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Am I making a NOOB Speaker mistake?

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I am planning on doing a simple speaker upgrade off of the Stock HU

Infinity Reference 6010cs 6-1/2"/6-3/4" 2-way Component System
Mid and highs with crossovers

Will I be doing myself a disservice not putting in an AMP?:confused:

Also I ordered a couple of ten by ten sheets of Dynamat while Im in the doors.

How should i use these?:confused:


I plan on putting in a AMP when I do my SUB
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Don't worry so much about adding a amp just put the speakers in and it will be sound good....
Do you mean the door kit by Dynomatt... generly this is put directly behind the speaker on the door skin, this helps cut down on reverb

lots a luck
An amp is not necessary but it will make a difference should you get it later in the future. replacing the speakers alone are a good way to start off.

As for the dynamat, just follow the directions and apply it directly to the sheetmetal. Applications on both the inner and outer door panel will make a huge difference as it will reduce the vibrations quite a bit.
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