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Am I too tall?

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I want to see if I will be able to fit into one of theses cars, I haven't sat in one yet, I'm 6.0 would this be alright size car for me?:confused:
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What year is it?

I have an `89 (4th Gen) and a `90 (5th Gen) and I fit in both of them fine. Neither seat is slid all the way back. I am 6' as well
Well... To tall?.. umm no I don't think so..

I'm 5'11" and even though this is the first celica I have ever owned.. I don't seem to have an issue sitting in it as of yet...

The last little car I owned for over 20 years was my 300 YYZ below.. bought it new off the floor in 1992 (and yes its its a TT.. hell who wants a NA car anyway)... and then added $10,000.00 of fun headaches spanning nearly beyond 2 'loving every minute of it' decades.
I love every minute of owning any dream...

But what do I know.. I'm only a 47 year old kid...

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I'm 6'1" and dont have any issues in my 92 GT. With the bottom part of the seat adjusted all the way up and the back of the seat at a near verticle angle my head is close to the roof I guess. But its not even near comfortable in the position so you'll be fine
6'4'' an no issue
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I'm 6'2" 235. I can get in and drive my son's 2000 GT comfortability.....getting out of it takes a little work tho!:eek::lol:
1990-1991 celica's are a little harder to fit in. Toyota improved head-room in the cars after.
The last Celica I tried to get in to before the 2000 was a 79 hatchback....with a SR, wasn't happening!
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