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Amp to speaker wiring

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If I were to install a four channel amp to help my Alpine HU, do I need to run new speaker wire to the speakers? Is the factory wire decent enough? I'm not going to run a monster amp, maybe 40-80 watts per channel. Just want to add a little kick.

If new wire is needed all the way, how did you get it to the front door speakers? And where did you tap into the wiring? Do you tap in at the back of the head unit, runs wires back to amp, then run wires forward again to the doors? Rears should be easy as they would be close to the amp and easily accessible.

I haven't gone beyond the HU replacement only deal, so this is new territory for me.
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ur head unit should have rca outputs for the the rca's from the amp to the deck....for the speakers...u'll have to connect speaker wire directly from the speakers and run to the run the wires...any where along the side of the car....under the carpet....under the door get to front door speakers.....depending on what car...just pull off the speaker grill...use some good connectors.....and lots of electrical tape and tie wraps to make everything neat and tidy.....
You dont even have to make a mess trying to run speaker wire from the front to the rear. Do this little trick...when you put in your head unit, you had to connect the rear speaker wire from your car to the rear speaker connections to the head unit and the same for the front speakers. Instead, connect your rear speaker wire from the car to the front speaker connections on your head unit. Now, your front speakers will get power from your rear factory wires. Now just run the factory wires from the rear of the car to your amp...and run wires straight from your rear speakers to the amp. Now all the wiring is concentrated to the rear of the car. No mess with trying to run speaker wire from the front to the rear.
I was gonna say the same thing as killacam, but since you already started running speaker wire to where the headunit is located from the rear. I would just go ahead and connect all four speakers through there...
Great idea on switching the wiring. I didn't know if the factory wiring harness would be under too much stress. Not that I have it cranked all the time.

I haven't run any wire yet. I'm trying to think about whether it's worth the effort to add an amp to my Alpine 9805 head unit (23watts per, peak 50). I haven't installed anything in the Corolla yet as I have three more weeks before it arrives. :(

I know I'll need replacement speakers all around. I have the Alpine HU and the Alpine XM receiver. Also have a 200 watt amp for a sub. But the sub (10") is in a *large* box that went under the seat of an F150 Supercrew. I'm not sure what to do about the sub part yet either. Just trying to get ideas as to how many components I should add or change for the new ride.
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