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AN 8HP storm with a 5HP snowblower (or, how I learned to love the RMV...)

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Had to go to the Doctor today. Was seeing a Neurologist because of the
headaches I was having a few months ago. CT scans and MRIs showed nothing.

Of course, it turns out it was scheduled for one of the WORST early Dec.
storms we have ever had, EVER! I had over 12" in the driveway at home.

So, I figured (last week...) today would be a good day to swap the plates
from the Supra to the Grand Voyager AWD (Don't was a FREEBIE!)

On the way home from the Dr I got all the necessary stamps, signautres,
etc and headed to the registry. My insurance agent couldn't process it
because of the <AHEM> mistake I made back in March by erasing the date and
re-writing it in. Can't have any alterations, now...

I walk into the RMV and there is one other person there to renew his
license. The woman motioned me over to the regisration window and i hand
her my papers. She looks at me and says, "What are you doing OUT today?"
"I had a Doctor's appointment..."

"I HOPE you were having your head examined!"

"Well, as a matter of fact...I WAS!!!!"

(but she didn't let it fly...I had to do up an affadavitt on Co.
letterhead verifying the mistake...oh well...she really wanted to but the
Supervisor wouldn't let her....I have a headache...)

Have your Virtual Pet spayed/neutered!!
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