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And she's gone to a better home...

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I'm unofficially NOT the owner of my car, technically she's mine on paper still... until I sign all the paperwork over to Richard's dad.

She's going to a good home where I know she'll be well taken care of AND getting a 20V transplant, hope to see her on the road soon and get the feel of the 20V; always wanted to do that swap. :cool:

Props out to Richard and crew, Nitin(mr e), roblee, nick(4agetercel) and everyone who came out and lent a hand a few weekends ago to get the swap done, only to realize that motor was going nowhere quick. :yikes: went from being nicknamed "smoky" to the little drummer boy. :lol:

BTW, I still owe the mrs a veggie pizza. :headbang:

Look for an aftermarket item part out soon as I'm not sure I'll find another AE92 for a little while, not at least till next summer... although there is one or two cars in Toronto I'm interested. ;)
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Must have been sad to see her go, but at least you know that she's going somewhere where she'll be taken care of. You'll probably want to buy her back after you go for a drive once the 20V is installed :lol:. Keep us updated with the progress :cool:
Glad to here she's gone to a good home.

Does this mean that you're leaving TN? Or is there another Toyota in your future?
i'm actually looking for another Toyota... the protege is probably next on the go list. :yikes:

There's a couple of cars I like that I'm looking at... one I'm kinda letting cool down in price, the other is a lot more cheaper but higher mileage... we'll see. :)
Why are you changing cars? Getting newer ones? Bored??
This car and I never got along... disagreed a lot and she always let me down in the last two years, lol

I guess it was never meant to be. :)
now it's official, signed the papers over yesterday... and got a glimpse of something silver inside the engine bay. :wowza:

can't wait to see it at the next meet, you better bring her Richard. :)
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