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Another 89 camry wagon update. Engine stutters.

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The car previously, would not start at all. We ruled out fuel pump and ignition, as I am getting both spark and fuel pressure. Finally got it started, but it seems to idle ok, but starts chugging at around 1500-2000 rpms.

I let it run for about 10 minutes, with the air on too. When I put it into drive, it seemed to bottom out on the power until it got up to 2200 rpms, then it was ok.


Could this be due to faulty plug wires? (plugs are new)

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A Lone Wolf
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i want to bump this cuz this happens exactly the 88 right now. when u stop and try to accelerate, the car sttuters until a certain speed or rpm and it will run fine again.

we replaced the spark plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter....

i dont think its the distributor since this problem has been occuring for over 2 years and its just gotten worst. im thining the "EGR" valve or the fuel injectors.
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