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Another dreaded AC/Heater Question

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I'm not much of a mechanic, so forgive me. Two summers ago, my AC stopped cooling. Fan still runs. Did bother to get it fixed. We had our first major cold snap here in Texas last week and the heater decided to stop heating. There is some warmth coming through, but not what it was before the cold snap (down-right HOT!!!). I read somewhere that if the thermostat is gone, my gas mileage will drop. I have noticed a drop in gas mileage. Use to get about 300 miles per tank. Now only about 230. Any thoughts? Many thanks.
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Sorry...forgot to mention:

1991 Celica GT-S
2.2 liter
manual trans
is the temp gage going up to normal?
Not sure about the mileage thing but if the fan's running and there's some heat, I'd go with the thermostat first.
Diddo on the thermostat. Plus they are cheap so if it turns out to be something else your not out much.
Thanks for the advice fellows. I'll give it a try. And fredk...temp is remaining at normal.

Thanks again.
I do have one question. You say the fan is running but is it blowing out of where it is set to? My 87 had a bad board in the heater controls that caused the doors under the dash to open and close any time except when you wanted them to. This also caused intermittant heat issues.

Just a thought.
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