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Well I am getting rid of my 6 color indiglos for a set of reverse. And I just received them in the yesterday. So I figured I would try and do another mod to the cluster. As most people are doing, I am going to be changing out the colors of the bulbs and what not. But I decided that wasn't going to be enough to satisfy me.

So its time to mod the PRND peice on my gen 3. Its just so boring and all. I figure my car goes into the shop Monday for some new paint work and all, and since it will be gone for a week I figure I will work on some mods.

So here is what I have done so far. I have removed the PRND peice and have started to dismantle it. THe black front peice can slide right out exposing the orange and green colors behind that. Initially two painted squares fell off which are right behind the letters that make them brighter. I then removed another clear pastic peice that exposed another peice of plastic that is colored green/orange.

I removed this and reinstalled everything. Now when you look at the PRNDL peice all the letters look opaque/whiteish and when I get new bulbs will shine brighter than before and the true color of the bulbs. I will post a couple pics from my phone. and then this weekend I will take some more and post them of it.

I still need to order bulbs and all for the mod. And since I will be without my car for a week I have some time.

After its all done I will have more pics to show, hopefully it turns out good. I am not sure if anyone has done this or not, but oh well..

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