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I am looking to get a separate set of snow tires/wheels for my 99 LE V6. I found a set locally on steel wheels, originally from a 2008 Elantra. Here are the specs he has from when he bought the tires and wheels:

tires = 205/60R-15

So, no idea what the CB67 is but I think these specs say the wheels are a 42 mm offset? I checked they say 40 mm is standard for the Elantra, 35 mm is standard for the Camry.

I know 205/60R-15 is 3.2% smaller than 205/65R-15 (current setup), I am willing to live with the speedometer discrepancy.

What do you think, will they fit OK, work OK? Anyone ever run this size tire/wheel on a Gen 4? Maybe I just have to mount and try them.

Or do I keep looking ... used steel wheels are actually hard to come by where I live, not enough wrecked Toyotas ...

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DEFINITELY mount them and test it out if you have the opportunity to do so.... front and rear. But they should fit just fine.
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