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Another way to secure a load

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Came across this and thought you might be interested. Have no idea how good they are.
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Thats pretty neat! :thumbup: Wish they had a video of their items being installed. Anyone found prices?
Now if we just had 48" between the wheel wells....
The Latch requires the bracket to be mounted 8' from the front of the bed. I guess you could chop it down and mont the rear bracket on the tailgate somehow. Great idea for a 1-ton work truck.

The Y-strap looks very useful, however, given the short bed length of the tacoma. That is a nice find. I usually use ratchet straps from the hitch, around the tailgate and lumber and terminating at the front cargo cleats. The Y-strap looks to be much easier.

The gap strap looks iffy at best, imo.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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