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Another Wheel Question

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I know these get old but I've searched and can't find much of anything on the forum about the American Racing Predator wheels. I'm really looking into getting these but wanted to see if anybody already had them and had any complaints/praises??? Thanks for either"-...ItemQQimsxZ20090315?IMSfp=TL0903151310004r815
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Good lookin' wheel. I've never seen them before. Might wanna post in the "Photoshop" thread and see if somebody can work their magic. Interested in seeing what it looks like mounted on a Tacoma.
Yeah I had the same thought, I gave it a shot but I wouldn't profess to being good with photoshop on any level. Regardless here is what I came up with how it would look on my truck.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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