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Antilock brake light

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I have an 89 camry. The anti-lock brakelight is on and I dont know why. any hints? The brakes seem fine and there are no noises. The battery was dead and had to be jumped, however it was on before that also. I have had the car only a few weeks so I dont know much about its history.
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Do a diagnostics and see how many times your abs light flashes (look in manual) and than it should pinpoint where the problem is. When my ABS light went on I checked it and it told me that one of my rear speed sensors were at fault. So I replaced the speed sensor, resetted the code and the light went away.

I have a 98 camry though and I'm not sure you can go about the same way as me but if you can than you might want to check it.
could it be a low brake fluid warning?
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