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I need your help! I have a Camry 2008 V6.

My car was broken into last Christmas season in 2009. All the cars parked around my car were also smashed. Everyone lost the presents that they bought, including me (just a jacket and a tie). I had to leave for college the next day so I paid some guy I found on yelp to replace the window for $180. He didn't do a really good job because the window would slow down as it rises to the top. A few months later, the section of the glass that connects to the window's motors broke and now the window is stuck. The motors can still move up and down. It has been like that for months.

I would appreciate any help and knowledge that you guys can give me on how to replace my window because it is too expensive to bring to the dealership ($600+).

Are there any guides on how to purchase a replacement window at a great price with quality discretion?

When I put on my polarized sunglasses, I can see some stained marks on the window that was replaced by the guy I found on yelp for $180. Only this window pane has those marks while the original Toyota windows do not.

Are there any DIY guides on how to replace a window for a Camry 2008 V6?

I would love it if the guide had pictures because this is my first time ever doing this.

Thank you very much for all of your help!
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