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Any Fiberglass help

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Hey guys, this is my first time working with fiberglass, i have read some stuff online and Luistol has insturcted me over the phone, just wondering if anybody has done it

has any body done any projects, can they share tips and any helpful information
Heres my Materials

I wanna make some eyelids

And cover over this piece of my gauge surrounding
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You still need a pair of scissors, aluminum foil and some brown packing tape and plastic bag...
take off the lights and use the aluminum foil to cover it up. then take the brown packing tape and attach the aluminum to the headlight. THen take the fiberglass and cut up some nice sized sheets. Pour a correct amount of resin and hardener to a bowl used for mixing, mix it and start laying the sheets. maybe 1-2 layers would be ok.
Now let it dry, then take off the fiberglass parts should come off easy with the aluminum foil. then cut to shape, bondo and smooth it with sandpaper. Then paint it.

Thats a neat package you have there. My fiberglass resin came from a barrel which I took to a coke bottle and my hardener is in a small plastic bottle :lol:
cool yea i no the other stuff, thats just the things i went out and bought

and suggections on a mixing bowl, and what happens to the resin does it harden and i have to throw out the bowl???
drew, if you have any left over resin, then it'll harden like a rock and you'll have to throw out the bowl. Try using something expendable, like plastic 20 oz. cups or something like that.
Get plastic buckets. Their used for mixing paint and stuff.

Acetone, use it to clean your brushes. Otherwise the resin will dry on the brush and you'll have to throw it away.

Respirator. The resin stinks and fiberglass is not fun to breath in.
Make sure you have some Acetone on hand. You'll need it to keep your brushes from hardening up, and to get it off anything you don't want.

Make sure you have a respirator.

And do a trial job first. Cause your most likely going to mess up the first time.

Make sure to do a thick first layer before removing it. Otherwise it will crack when you peal off the tape.

What are you doing for your project? I may be able to help. I am finishing up fiberglassing my grille right now.
im gonna try making eye lids, a piece in my gauges and the slot o\under my deck i wanna seal up
Make sure you tape off at least two inches past where you are going to be laying the resin.

Make it longer than you need it to be. Later on you can sand it down to the right lenght.

For the eyelids I would say just cut some headlight covers. But this seems like it might be cool. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's going to get hard though.

Remember, fiberglass doesn't hold well on plastic. So you have to scuff it up good before hand if you want it to hold.

Any other questions I missed?
yo all the help worked well, i did one eye lid and the cover on the gauge cluster piece, ill have up a new thread with pics in a lil while

i just painted it so it wouldnt look retarted it will be up by 4, probably in camry section ill put a link here when its up
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