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Any good places for Body Repair in GTA ?????

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Does anyone here know any places that are good for auto body repair ?????

basically have dents on the left side doors (front door and back door), left side quater panel, left side of rear bumper, one portion of the front bumper needed to be painted.

well i went to like 10 different places, price varies a lot.
$1800 CND, $1400CND, $1000$ CND, cheapest i can find is 700$CND
basically i got all my quotes from body shop that is near Markville Mall, the street is called Heritage ???. lol i don't know who to trust.
They all sounds like they will do a good job on it, like they are telling me how the price is included molding, they are going to sand down the orginal paint and then prime then paint. If so, what makes this such big difference in price ?????

is that the quality of labor ?? paint ?????
or they are just telling one story and it will be a different story when they do the actual work ????

:confused: :confused: :confused:
can anyone here give me a guide of what i should ask the shop to make sure is worth the money ???? or do you guys know places or have been to places that is trust-worthy ????


ps. BTW, is not for my camry, is my friend's corolla that needs to be repaired :thumbup:

sry if i am posting on the wrong section.
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Itchy and Xenon are (have) gone to a place called GTsomething for body work and highly recommend them. PM them. Actually if one of them could post the info here that'd be kewl. I've been looking to find a reputable body shop for a "rainy day".
if ur close to markville mall... just try driving a bit further to 16th and Markham road(hwy 48)... the name of this body shop is fairview autobody or something.. but basically just look for a name called fairview... it's about a minute or two north of 16th on markham road... on the east side... look for the owner Mr. Lam... and he should be able to give u decent quotes... i had few of my cars done there... got to say that they are more than i can ask for at the price that they charge... i've got a stripe of stickers on both sides of the car and which one side of the car is damaged with the stickers... they even replaced the stikers for me... looking just the same!!! i was like wow!!...

anyways... try going there before u make a choice... so far i've referred a few of my friends there... and they all came back with happy faces...
well im sure u checked out velocity
dont go there, they' jipped me off.. those guys are good liars:thumbdown
Thanks Phi, EchoBee & ractive_rolla for the info.

gotto make a trip next week again to get quotes.
and i went to velocity, they charged me 980$ CND for everything.
well they said they will sand down the paint and then prime it and paint and clearcoat.

But from what i heard, they just go to paint circit to buy like 100$ worth of SPRAY PAINT (suppose to be exact match to factory color) and just spray it onto the car.
don't know if that's true :confused: :confused:
but either way, i will not take the risk lol

btw, out or curiousity, i called Toyota dealer, and their estimate was approx 2300$ CND for 3 days job LoL :eek: :eek: :eek:
velocity did a shit job on my bodykit
there's a very noticible gap on the rear bumper, my front bumper fell out once by itself and i had to fix it myself, they broke my clear bumper lense, licence plate frame, and a rice neon inside the car i had, they didnt do what i told them and i got charge more after (i told them to cut the rear bumper so they dont have to move the muffler but ended up bending my muffler so they had to re-do it)
they didnt prep my bodykit surface that good, on my rear bumper one side has a bracket at the bottom and the other side doesnt...
at highspeeds on the hwy's going over slight bumps my rear bumper shakes, and the list goes on...
GT Auto Works located at Warden ave. and Eglinton ave.
the exact address is 119 Manville rd. unit 7
416-750-8499 ask for Tony or Floyd
They have done work for us a couple times as well as for a lot of my friends/family :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
^ That's the GTsomething I was talking about :respect:
I like Xenon's paint job.. lets see what itchy comes out with and I might just decide to do my car. :)
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