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any problems with your corrola sunroof? please help

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i am thinking of a corrola or matrix with a sunroof package .. (if u already read my other thread) .. i use to have a 2000 celica GTS with sunroof and the sunroof was making all kinds of noises .. rattling and squeaking .. i just test drove a brand new Scion TC and i noticed some squeaking noise which i would think it can only get worst until it becomes so annoying that you would want to get rid of the damn thing like i did with my celica .. do any of you corrola/matrix owners have the same problem? thank you.
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Well the Celica used to have a plastic sun-roof (at least it was plastic in 2000) which lifted up and outside the car. Might have been the cause of some flex. My XRS has a glass sun-roof and is hidden inside the car.

Rattles? No I can't say I've had any rattles. Rock solid.

My only issue with the sunroof is that I have to "hold" the button to open and close the roof. I'd have preferred it be a simple "1-press" feature.
I had my 04 Corolla S for 16 months now. Never any complaint with the moonroof. Rock solid and tight with no rattles. Corollas built with a moonroof for NA are all made in Canada and Canadian Corollas were ranked best built in the world by Toyota in 2003 because of the smallest number of complaints and build qualities.
having problems with my 89 gts' sunroof. motor still sounds like it's working, but roof wont move an inch, and it leaks! lol any ideas?
Yeah I have a 88 sr5 and im having the same problem as the 89 gts except mine doesnt leak.
On my 04 rolla S i just got it out of the shop becasue the timing was off but other than that no problems....I love my rolla S
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