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I got My 91 Lexus as a first car in highschool and I’ve been daily driving it since, I’m a sophomore in college and it blew up about 6-8 months ago and got a sweet Engine swap with 52,387 Miles, the chassis and everything else besides the engine has 189,794 miles, and everyone around me keeps telling me to boost the car because apparently the engine won’t mind 8Psi of boost from an eBay turbo but, I’ve been searching for weeks now for any successful turbo installs all I’ve seen is a video on YouTube, a 1990 Camry making 10 pounds of boost but needs to manual swap it to be able to lay it down, I do know the transmission can hold somewhere around 280 before it starts slipping but my tranny will not even hold a pound I bet since it’s soooooo old 😂, but at the end of the day I would like some guidance and any confirmation if its even worth it with this engine, I’m willing to refresh everything change anything that needs to be changed, if I go through with this it’ll definitely be a year project, can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say

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It would be like turboing any old engine. You'll need some welding skills, some planning skills and some tuning skills - and a willingness to constantly tinker with the car from here on out. There will be no kits for your car - it will all have to be custom. Packaging with the V6 will be more difficult than the 4-cylinder. But you know, the sky is the limit (that's a 3vz-fe in a 3rd gen Camry, but same idea):

For reference, a manual transmission 4-cylinder (115hp) is about as fast as an auto V6 (155hp) - so a manual transmission swap (if you can find the parts - V6 MT's are hard to find) would be nearly as good for speed as a low pressure turbo.

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