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Anybody heard of R1 Wheels?

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What do u guys know about R1 wheels? Are they any good? I'm looking at the Hype model since it looks much like the Axis Shine and they would fit better since they are available in 20 x 8.5. 2 places were offering them for about $1800 out the door including tires.

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I'm also looking into the R1 Drift in gun metal
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those are some nice rims...

i would pick these up.good price too with tires...

:lol: i wonder how much would shipping be to hawaii....:lol:
R1s are cool knock offs..... I remember them before Rota and Sportmax....
No I haven't asked them if they have these wheels at Ranchill. I saw them from a catalog in a shop in china town and also DV8 Styles in Downey said they could get them for me.
The R-1 wheels you're interested in are replicas of Dazz MotorSports (RacingHart, RH, Maya, etc.):

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Can someone photoshop those R1 Hype's on a silver camry SE?
youll get a quicker response if you ask for the photoshopping in the photoshop request thread.. mistabullet works wonders
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