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Anyone Can Help me? - Toyota Altis

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Hi there,

I am new in the forum.

I'm thinking of buying the New Altis.

Anyone can give me some comments and feedback on that car?

Thanks alot.

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It's a great car. Our version in North America is very similar but lacks some of the luxury features like hid headlights, auto climate control etc. Rides and handles very well for its class. Lots of room.
I got one. It's an all-around great car, comfortable ride, good list of features, great gas mileage. The build quality matches typical toyota standards. It's a car that can take abuse and still keep its composure at the end of the day.

But if you're looking for performance or any kind of driving exciting, then you're in for disappointments. The engine and suspension are not meant to be driven on tracks.
What get the same car as only badged corolla (and not corolla-altis). From what i hear, its a great car. You guys actually get the gate type shifter there...that would look SWEET. Its reliable, fun, economical and practical for city driving.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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