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anyone ever notice this about 4th gens

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Everytime i look at my car, it seems like something is missing in the front. The absence of a lower lip. The TRD one is pretty nice but we need a good aftermarket lip that attaches to the stock bumper. It amazes me that no company has made one already. It would be a cheap upgrade that im sure most of us would do as long as its functional and good looking.
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Yeh, Im with you on that. I think the camrys front bumper is ugly.
i think the rear is uglier.. i think its needs to be streched down a bit more.. if you see stock 98 accord and 98 camry, the rear of the accord seems to cover the underbody more than the camry does
I somewhat agree, looks almost unfinished.
And then the thing started to grow huge.
Nice car still but that ass bountiful.
my problem is with the interior. I think the quality of the interior went down from Generation3 to 4. It went up again for gen5 but now the layout is awkward and ugly
i think the rear being higher allows the camry to reach higher speeds easier. ask people with those rear bumper body kits that catch all that air but as for the front i know what you mean it does seem unfinished. i also think the interior seems smaller and a bit plain compared to my gen3 i also don't like the way it looks so damn tall but it's not toyotas fault all cars are getting that look. but as for pic up this 4 cylinder they're using now is pretty peppy.
I agree. It wouldnt be that hard either. The Gen4 front bumper is very flat and a clean aftermarket lip (OEM style, ie, S2000, MR2, Type-R) seems like a logical and faily straightforward thing to do.

Don't know why it wasn't done by Toyota or an aftermarket company sooner.
Gen4 Sportivo lip would do the trick. :D
Don't hold you breath for companies to offer kits for the Camry. In the meantime, if it bugs you that much, check this out
i like the gen 4 camry bumpers. If you mate them with trd lips and the OEM fog's w/o holes in teh front bumper cover for license tags, thats looks soo beautiful! (IMO).
2wickedtoyz said:
i think the rear being higher allows the camry to reach higher speeds easier.
yea.. i would think so too.. but i think gen4's rear is a bit too high.. i could see my spare tire compartment from behind my car.. to me that looks too ugly.. at least make stretch it down more so that it covers the spare tire compartment
Just remembered seeing this

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^ damn i love that it looks really nice/agressive and clean
what body kit/ lip is that??
i believe that is the original Toyota Sportivo Kit :D
it came standard on the Camry GTP V6s here :D
Ok terrynham you need to get your hands on a bunch of these and start a group buy. :D
A group buy on sportivo front lips would be really great, id definetly be in on that. Ive always loved that style.

I've been talking to one of our boat builders who makes cowlings and other assorted parts out of carbon fiber and kevlar on the side. It seems pretty easy to make parts and im gonna try some and see how it goes. Its extremely cheap if you do it yourself and hes willing to teach me the basics.
^ If you can make it out of carbon fiber I'll buy one for sure. You should invest into getting the trd one from japan and using that as the mold. I'm sure you'll sell a bunch of them.
Yeah, if i can get enough time to even make one it will be a miracle! :) Im gonna see what i can do though. Id really like to make the rear trd spoiler out of CF or Kevlar as well.
thats an australian lip kit similar to our trd kit i forgot the name but it aint available here
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