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anyone got nething?

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Im looking for any performance parts for my 92 mr2, upgrades, lights, interior, exterior, engine mods, sound system, basically anything. i live in the los angeles area so if ne one got nething or noe a place to get things for a good price hit me up...
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is ur car turbo or na??......the first mod every mr2 owner should really do is get 94 tails and clear corners...u can order these from ur local toyota dealership....
Dealers are a little steep though.... try

BTW: Did you do your yourself Q? How much bashing of the read end was REALLY involved. I'm getting mixed signals :D
its non turbo...the one thing i got done too it so far is...old skool racing hearts on it, new paint, headlights changed, sound system, but im looking for more
94 tails install was easy...took about 45 mins....banging out the middle part was the hardest part..i could bear to do it so my buddy did it for me..make sure u use a rubber mallet and don't bang it too much....i used the same 91 wiring harness...only had to splice the reverse lites wires to extend them so that the new reverse lites would fit....they make the car have a total different look...i hated my 91 tails....
Ya.... some have said you can just yank the hell out of it... and it pops out. But most say some vicious banging is needed. Enough talk... I should just do it.
when they talk about banging some space..its for the new reverse lites to fit inside there...on pre-94 tails...the reverse lites are on the outer lenses...on 94 tails..its inside the center panel...heres a shot of my car with the old lites....(u may have to cut and paste)....
Looks like mine :(. I should really get that fixed. Once my 3sgte is paid off... I'll go get them.
wat about lazy head lights...i reallie like the look...wats the best way i should do that?
u can check on ebay for a "pivot" controller to give u the look...but not really good for everyday driving unless u do the full conversion n get a set of driving lights....there are some kits avail but IMO...i wouldn't use them...u won't be able to see at nite....although our pop up lites are the one think i dislike...i'm happy with an H4 conversion kit with some catz bulbs for improved night vision...
I have a killer Audibahn Sound sytem for sale on sohuld go check it out if you looking to make your head explode! Too much power for me all i eed is some good ol` speakers!!!
are the pivot controller for the head lights hard to install...can i do them myself or do i need some help...
I have a 91 NA with the Burien Toyota turbo kit. If your engine is in good enough condition, the kit should be good for 5-7psi. With that much boost you'll be running just ahead of the the stock turbo MR2. I made the mistake of putting the kit on a worn engine, but I'm getting it rebuilt to hold 20psi. The stock fuel system with the 360cc Supra injectors will support up to 14psi, although the stock internals give out at about 10. You'll need a turbo MR2 fuel pump, even bigger injectors, and a stand alone to kick it up to 18-20psi. It's a lot of money, but I think its worth it. here's their link, check out the 300+hp test car.
that turbo sounds interesting...but iono if my motor gonna be able to handle that...its at 132k i think i be better off with a swapp..
I thought about a swap, but I like the torqueyness of my 5SFE, the kit will kick out 145hp and about 160ft-lbs at the wheels at 5psi. I can't even imagine the torque at 14-20psi, but I'm guessing definitely above 300ft-lbs. Boost kicks in at 2500rpm with no lag. I know it has less potential than the 3SGTE, but if I can hit low 13's high 12's, I'll be more than satisfied. would you do a US spec or JSPEC swap?
im not reallie sure yet...i been looking for rear ends around my area but cant find anything decent...ill pretty much take wat i can afford...
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