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anyone had their power steering pump replaced on their 1mz motor??

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if so, how hard is it & was any special tools required????
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hard, currently fighting with it to get the top bolt off i'm putting it off till tomorrow when my dad has a day off to work on it.

if i ever find a easy way to get that top bolt i'll let you know, and toyota has a special tool for taking it off.
^^ Are you talking about the Banjo bolt (h/p line) or the pivot bolt ?

You can easily access the pivot bolt by removing the P/S pump pulley.
Or ( a little more work ) removing the top cover of the T-belt.

Banjo bolt...just use a 7/8-22mm wrench from the bottom or a swivel socket to get it from the top.
thank you!!!!!!!

ya the top pivot bolt i havent even tried at that banjo bolt yet i was going to take it off so i can get better access to it. the hardest thing i find about taking off the pulley is to hold it still.
^^ Stick a long sturdy screwdriver in one of the pulley holes.
Peg it againts the pump and loosen the 17mm nut that holds the pulley.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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