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Anyone have a Gen 4 Camry w/Eibach springs?

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Gen 4 Camrys w/Eibach springs?

I have a 1999 V6 Camry w/a TRD body kit. I bought the Eibach springs to accompany the Tokico struts for better handling, not really for looks. I am having second thoughts about the springs. I don't want my car to look all low and ricey. I really don't want to end up scraping over things. If any of you have lowered your Gen. 4 Camrys, please tell me about how things are going for you and how the cars looks. Your help would be greatly appreciated and would aide me in making a decision as to whether I should sell the Eibachs or put them on.
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toyotaholic said:
hey phi, im considering lowering my 2000 camry, if i use the same setup as you (solara eibach springs) its ok right?
OH NO YOU DIDN'T! *snaps fingers sassily* Phi patented the solara eibach setup along with the hundreds of other people on the board that has it. Don't fronk with Phi. He'll kick your ass and make a love song about it. :lol:

Edit: Wow, I take thirty seconds to type a reply and two people already replied ahead of me. Is this what you guys do all day at work?!?!?! Oh ok, just too!
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