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Anyone have a Gen 4 Camry w/Eibach springs?

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Gen 4 Camrys w/Eibach springs?

I have a 1999 V6 Camry w/a TRD body kit. I bought the Eibach springs to accompany the Tokico struts for better handling, not really for looks. I am having second thoughts about the springs. I don't want my car to look all low and ricey. I really don't want to end up scraping over things. If any of you have lowered your Gen. 4 Camrys, please tell me about how things are going for you and how the cars looks. Your help would be greatly appreciated and would aide me in making a decision as to whether I should sell the Eibachs or put them on.
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put those springs on.. Eibachs springs lower your car by 1.2" or so only.. it won't give you a ricey feeling.. besides.. you live in San Diego.. unlike here., we have snow to worry about during winter time
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