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Anyone have any service info on changing the clutch

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Anyone have any service info on changing the clutch, pilot bearing and release bearings on an 05 V6
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Are you loooking for any specific info?

Should be pretty straight forward:
Pull tranny
Remove pressure plate
Use pilot bearing tool to remove pilot bearing.
Remove fly wheel to have resurfaced.

Then reinstall everything, and make sure you have a clutch alignment tool.

Not sure if anybody is making after market clutches yet (centerforce) or if you are planning on going with stock. Also, how many miles do you have on your truck? Clutch failure shouldn't be happening soo soon, unless you do a lot of towing :D

EDIT - I guess I should have checked out your 100k thread as well
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Have almost 100K on an 05. Not a lot of towing. The dealer replaced the clutch once under warranty but didn't replace the release bearing, well now it sqeels a bit and sitting at idle it sounds like a fork on the clutch is tinging up against the said $1400 a trans shop said $800 for everything. But I'm coming up on 100K and need to service everything, diff/trans fluids, brakes...which are original and just starting to sqeek, air filter, probably plugs, cabin filter, lube and tighten chassis bolts and stuff. I'm not a car mech though so having the know-how is kind of a pain but if I can get service info I'm hoping that being an aircraft mechanic would help me lol.
The service info is available in the Toyota Tacoma FSM. In the old days we could post a link to where you could download it, but we can do that no longer, even though you'd think you could just google it or something.

Admins, please delete this if I am too close to rules violations here. (And I'll know I can't say it again.)
trick to the pilot bearing...

fill the hole with grease and hammer in a 3/8 extention from your tool set. the displaced grease will push out the pilot bearing

question ? why are you replacing the clutch ?

i have 85-90k on my 06 taco and the clutch working fine.

my last taco had 340,000 km's on the original clutch and it was fine ???

well I was being a nit pick about the truck always...I mean almost always bout 90% of the time grinding into fifth gear. I had a friend there who said he would look at it. He found that fifth gear and the syncros were worn. He would have just replaced that but he said probably later on I would just complain about 2nd or 3rd so under warranty got the tranny replaced....which also entailed the clutch. SO the dealer never asked if I wanted the pilot bearing or anything else replaced while they were in would think they would replace it anyway but thats not the case...NOW it makes that tinging noise. The local trans shop said it sounded and was acting like the above mentioned problem. I don't NEED to replace the clutch but why replace just a release bearing if the whole thing needs to come apart anyway. Thats why I asked.. [email protected] email me about this FMS thing. Thanks. Also Thanks for the tip about the grease.
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