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anyone have pic of RMM Lip installation??

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I am planning to install my RMM lip myself since a dozen of bodyshops turned it down, since they were afraid of cutting the bumper, and messing it up. Got one that would do it but for like a zillion dallors, so going to do it myself. I have the intructions that come with the RMM lip but they are not very good. The part I have to cut is the shaded illustration, does anyone have a picture of how the lip attaches to the bumper? a inner pic of the of both sides wheel well where the lip attaches would be nice, and if I venture successfully I would take pics so there can ge FYI on it.

thanks, Kevin
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This is for the gen 3 not 3.5

If you wait to install till next week I might be able to take mine off to show you. I am about to remount it anyway.

First thing for you to do i he center section of your bumper. This is the easiest peice to do since you are cutting such a big peice out.

Then you move on to the sides. This is where you will need to do some measuring. You want the top of the RMM lip to sit right on top of the line on our bumper. You will need to measure down on the inside lip of the RMM lip to the vents. Take that measurement and subtract a little from it. The measure down from the line and draw a line. Next you measure the vent size and placement and make marks. From here you will have a rough dimension on what you need to cut out. The catch here that the RMM instructions don't show you is that the vents can hit your lowersplash guards and all. I had to cut fromthe top all the way down and remove any part of the bumper that was there.

I would recommend Taking your stock bumper off to do the cutting. The reason is that you will see where the new RMM hits from the inside and can make the minor cut adjustments easier.

As for the mounting. Do you have a flexible adhesive? ie: flexbond or something like it? I originally didn't use the correct stuff so I will be remounting mine. I would look at either using this along with the screws in the wheel wells or using pop rivets to make sure it stays in place.

Any more ?s let me know... Hope this helps
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