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Anyone have pics of how to remove the drivers side inner door panel ?

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It's because the inside drivers door handle is broken to the point where I can't open the door from the inside anymore. I must roll the window down and reach to the outside handle in order to get out of my car. Thanks for any help.
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Roll down window
Pop off the power controls
Pull off the thing where the tweeter is located
Open the little square thing where near the inside lever and remove screw. Insert a screw driver between the plastic piece and the fabric and twist. It should pop the plastic piece out
Look in door handle and remove screws
There is a covered screw near the front of the door. Remove cover and screw
Look on the back part of the door near the latch and bottom of teh door and remove any clips or screws.

When all clips and screws are removed, grab the interior panel near the bottom or the door handle and pull. A bunch of clips should release. Lift panel upwards to remove.
But do you need to remove the panel to replace the inner door handle? On my gen 3 you just pop the plastic cover off (a real pain) and then unscrew the broken handle, pop the wire clip off, remove handle from wire and then reinstall with new handle. My gen 4.5 looks like it's very similar.
I don't think the handle has to be replaced. It's intact.When I pull on it though it doesn't release the lock so it must just be a spring or a little mechanism on the inside that's broken loose.
Try some WD-40 first. Haynes manual is GOLD!! get it for $20 @ Canadian tire it shows you the entire break down.
On the Gen 4, if I remove that screw behind the handle ( screw is behind that little cover I need to pry open), will doing this allow me to take off that plastic piece the handle sits in.? Or must I have to remove the entire inside door panel in order to get behind that cover?I think that what's broken is right behind the handle.:confused:
That rectangular piece will come out, but the lever will still be attached to the door.

After you remove the screw, you will need a flat head screwdriver. Insert between the plastic and the fabric near where the lever articulates. Insert screwdriver there and twist to release the clip. I think there's one on the bottom at the same spot.
Sorry touringcamry, I'm not sure what you mean when you say to put the screwdriver between the plastic and the fabric where the lever articulates. I want to make sure I'm putting the flathead screwdriver in the right place so I don't break anything.

Hope this helps. Remove the screw first otherwise you can't get the plastic piece off.
The lever and the lock button will stay on the door. Only the plastic piece around it comes out.
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Thanks touringcamry!! Your last post with the diagram has made the procedure perfectly clear to me!! You're awesome!!:clap:
I'm not out of the woods yet. I went and tried to pry that plastic piece off like your diagram shows and when I'm prying the plastic piece, it is pulling the lock and lever along with it, so ofcourse I stopped cause I'm worried I'll break the lock or handle. Please give me some advice. Thanks:ugh3:
I just updated the diagram.
I was wrong about where to pry on the trim piece. You want to pry between the lock button and the trim piece and between the lever and the trim piece. You want to pry the piece away from the middle of the piece.

Then lift the back portion and slide it out.
When I finally get around to fixing that inner door handle, I'm going to post pics of the entire procedure for all you fellow novices out there like myself who are in need of a step by step guide so it's real easy to follow and understand.
I've got a busted spring

Ok touringcamry, so yes indeed the piece surrounding the handle did pop out using the technique you showed me.Thanks for that. So then I looked and realized the spring pictured above was the culprit. I took the whole door panel off, and unscrewed the one screw holding that black covering in place. Behind that, I noticed the spring was broken(the spring pictured is indeed broken, I just peiced it back together to show the proper way it should be) but because I neglected to detach the wires connecting to the power window/doors, I could only twist that black peice a little bit cause the door panel was still attached via the wires, and therefore couldn't quite figure out the correct position of that spring(when i buy a new one for instalation) Could you kindly draw a diagram showing the correct position of that spring so I can install a new one properly? I'd sure appreciate that if you could. Or I'll have to detach those wires to take the door panel completely off to take a real good look. I'm thinking that I'll need to do that anyway or I won't be able to put the new spring in. Am I correct on this assumption?
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Those wires for the power window and door locks are very easy to detach. Insert a flathead screwdriver at the rear of the panel with the switches and lift it up. The entire panel should pop out. Then there's two harnesses to unclip. And the door panel is free.

I'm not certain where you took that spring from. I've only taken the door apart to put speakers in there. I don't think I ever took that black metal plate off before.
Thanks for your reply touringcamry.
I took that broken spring from behind the black plastic plate thats held in place by just a single screw right at where the handle sits ( after I've popped out that outer plastic piece you drew the diagram for).It's reassurring that you mentioned the wiring is easy to detach. I'll have another go at it and do that. I'm sure once I've removed the inner door panel completely and put it asise I'll be able to have a good look at the proper positioning of that spring that I have pictured above.
Next time I have a go at it I'll take a few snaps and post them so you can see what I mean.
Bingo, problem fixed!!

For those who've been following this thread I can tell you all that I fixed the problem of not being able to open my driver's door from the inside. How'd I fix it? Well as it turned out, after I took the whole inside door panel off and removed that broken spring(pictured above), although I didn't know it at first,suddenly I could then open the door from the inside. That broken spring I guess got itself in a position which blocked the handle from releasing the door latch.
So, if anyone else has this problem happen to them, you'll know what needs to be done.I can tell you that the first sign of trouble will be when the handle becomes loose(it won't spring back firmly into position when released) You probably will be able to open the door for a while even with the handle loose, but like what happened to me, eventually that spring which broke, will lodge itself in there preventing you from opening the door.
Bye for now.:clap:
Sorry for digging up this old thread.

I am in a similar situation right now, meaning i can open from outside but not inside.
The problem is, my door handle is not loose and i can actually feel the spring in action.
So i am making this assumption that it's the platic connector that snaped due to this freezing weather.
1. Is there any other possibilty that may cause this to happen?
2. if i need to replace the platic thingy, what are the parts that i will need? do i have to purchase the whole lock mechanism?

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