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Anyone have Q-logic kick-panel Speaker mounts

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I was wondering if anyone has the Q-logic kick panel mounts for their early 90's pickup. Waht are your thoughts on them? like um'/ hate um'? Do you kick them with your foot while driving?

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im making my own kick panels right now! i never found ones for our trucks!
Yeah, I wish I was talented like that... but Q-logic does make them for our truck...

The price aint bad

That's the cheapest I fopund but I'm not sure on the website. Most places they are like $130- 140
damn i wish i would of found that alot earlier but o well
it says 86-95, wouldnt that be the same for 84-85 also?? they are the same body style 84-88.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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