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ANyone here know how to disconnct the odometer??

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I leased an 03' Highlander a year ago in April and only have 12k miles a year. I am currently 1900 miles over my allowed limint and I just want to discnoonect for some time and then put it back on later on. Since it is electronic, I dont want to mess with it until I know what I am doing...
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what u are very frowned upon....ILLEGAL...:lol:
I know its illegal. I will just pay the extra mileage i have put on at the end of the lease and leave the car "as-is"
Just keep on driving it and trade it in before the term is up. And seriously you could get in big trouble.
the only way is to disconnect the speedo and it will stop reading mph and miles you travel.
i know a guy that did that to his m3:lol: good luck
Jack the rear end up.
Start the engine and put it in reverse.
Put a brick on the gas pedal.
Come back tomorrow.
Reverse the above
As we all saw in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" the whole car in reverse thing doesn't work.

The only way would be to disconnect the spedo so make sure you don't get pulled over, and if you have any sort of yearly inspection (like we do here in Canada ie. "drive clean") make sure you know how to reconnect it.

I have a friend in a neon and the spedo actually is really easy to disconnect, 1 wire on the back is all it takes.

Good luck
harder in toyota's because the dash meter is 4 wire jacks and it's hard to find what wire it is. the easist would be to disconect the wire from the tranny .... but then agina my dad tried that in his 93 ford work van and it wouldnt change gears anymore ....... just to let you know.
wow, many interesting ways. Newer cars today are harder to cheat that older cars like lets say from the 80's. Also, wont like the dealer or bank check the computer for the accurate mileage because I only leased mine and I heard that some do this to get you caught??
Well, in my opinion I think you're stupid for even asking. I mean, why'd you lease it in the first place if you drive a lot? That's very illegal and I'm sure no one here condones it. But if you do try, good luck to ya, you'll need it sooner or later.
Would you like to find out you bought a vehicle that somebody did this to? Its illegal for a reason.
Carfax will complain about it too.
IT's easy..... it all depends of the car your doing. Some cars are as easy as pulling the speedo fuse, while some others you will need to find the wire at the cluster back, and disconnet the right wire. do some research and get out a manual
I didnt know that I will accumulate so much mileage. I do no it is illegal and you cant call someone stupid for asking a question... People learn by asking questions and I learned that I shouldn't do this ever!
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