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Anyone in a few state area of Minnesota....

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I am not the one selling this. But I found this on car soup and thought there might be some people interested. It is being sold in the St. Paul Area of Minnesota. So anyone with in a state or so, this might be worth it.

It's a 96' S14 Silvia. 64,000 original miles on it. Manual of course. Here is the description given:

_Selling this wonderfully conditioned 1996 240SX SE or better known as S14 Silvia. Only 64,000 original miles on the odometer - no where else will you find a better priced 240 with this kind of mileage. Obviously, if you are looking at this car you are well inclined as to the potentials of this vehicle i.e. drift, SR20DETT swap, and so forth. Car runs excellent, engine idles perfectly, clutch engage well, moon/sun roof, ‘98 spec taillights and custom spoiler (not pictured). Car has never been abused, stored during winter. Fast car with huge 2.4 liter engine - fast get up. Interior is in immaculate condition, ice cold AC, CD player/radio - both me and previous owner are non smoker

But the reason it is such an interesting buy, and worth the drive... Is because he wants $7000 or best offer.

And that's insane. So anyone with in a state or two might want to check this out. I would get it myself, but I already have my heart set on something:)

*If the mods feel that this would be better fit for the buy/sell/trade section, please feel free to move it. But I think this is more informative than it is me trying to sell something:)
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