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I guess you're not asian then......but go check it out, you can find some deals there, but a lot of the stuff is also ridiculously priced too....

it helps if you're asian tho, cuz then the shop owners are nic...:lol:

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^ Hmm, I can never bargain when buying car parts, Station 28 is pretty set on their prices but they include tax. They own like 3 of the car stores in there....

Pac Mall is also great to get glasses, I swear you can't get a cheaper pair of glasses anywhere. As well, computer stuff is cheap in there, same with cameras, film processing, and jewellery.

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things at Pac Mall can be ridiculously priced, AND it's good to bring an asian along if you aren't one.

true story: a friend of mine (not asian, of course) planned on buying a digicam from one of the stores. As he approached the store (seeing a 'deal' stuck to one of the glass panes), the owner (who was standing outside) saw him and quickly went inside and removed the sign. THEN, the owner proceeded to try and tempt my friend to buy the camera (thinking that my friend didn't notice), saying 'it's a good deal...very cheap!'. Obviously my friend just walked away. :eek::

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the only worth purchases when I'm up there are the DVDs (top hits like Hero, Shrek2 etc.)....this store was exposed by CFTO sometime ago in Aug.
$8 for one DVD and 3 for $20....besides, when you do get deals on car parts, be wary on the warranty which is always my beef. So if I want to buy bulbs, and going for the PIAAs, then I'll go to Performance Improvement shops, they honour the 1 year bulb warranty tha PIAA provides. Used it 3-4 times already for headlights bulbs and side markers.
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