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Anyone interested in light-weight drag wheels?

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One of the MR2 brethern has arranged for a 8 sets of custom light-weight drag wheels made to fit the MR2 and I am number 1 on the list to get them :D .... should be about 6-7 weeks till I have them. Let me know if yo uar einterested in buyinga set, I will put you in contact with the seller.

FRONT: 15x4 (7lbs) true 3 piece wheel
REAR: 15x8 (10 lbs) true 3 piece wheel

Race wheels (at least the skinnies) can not be bought off-the-shelf for the MR2. No one makes one with the proper backspacing to fit over our brakes. Other MR2ers have been using longer studs and spaers, but that is not a game I want to play.

I have been racing on 16X7" Enkei RSE's which are not exactly light.
I've been using my 215 Falkens for the front and 255 BFG drag radials (for sale - check for sale forum).

On the front rims I am going to be mounting a 165 and I just ordered 275s drag radials for the rear. I am hoping the extra power I now have added to the extra traction out back and the extra lightening of the front will result in much better ETs and maybe even popping the front wheels off the ground a hair or two :lol:

The down side is this $$$ I am spending on this is going to push back me buying EMS, cams & gears and fuel rail + larger injectors. That will end up being a winter project.

We'll see what happens ...
Here's some pics of the rims:

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I thought your winter project was to make the car lighter :dunno:

I'd like to see your car pickup the front wheels a bit. From the looks of it... your suspension is pretty close to reaching its max. You don't look too far away.
Weight reduction was last winter's goal ... that is already complete. :D ... Hyde is about 300 lbs lighter than when I bought him ;)
I dunno what kinda whether you Penn. people have..... cause it is hot as hell right now in California. Is this your guy's "winter"?
No ... winter starts in December here.
If you read my sentence above, I said the HP mods will need to be "pushed back" ... to be a "winter project".

Get it? :p

Gotcha ;)

Do I even want to see the price tag on these things if it is stopping you from getting ems, cams, gears, fuel rail and larger injectors?

Are you just waiting on shipping? or for them to be made?
I am waiting for the rims to be made. They were originally suppose to take 8 months to come in (at the time that would ahve meant November) so I made other plans (the HP power mods).

... but as life would have it, the first set of rims should be ready in 5-6 weeks.

There is a group buy on the rims on the MR2 board:

$1500 shipped for the style I am getting and
$2300 shipped for the 5-star style

These are for drag use only. These rims will not hold up to regular street driving.
Oh... that price isn't too bad. I was thinking it would be much more :p:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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