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1993 Corolla LE
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I'm ok for right now but eventually, I want to get this fixed before the Summer. The problem is the fan switch doesn't want to work all the time unless I press on or jiggle the knob. My suspicion is that the contacts are pretty worn out. Does anyone know how to remove this part ? I tried earlier but couldn't figure out how to get the linkage cables off the rest of the unit.

A 7th gen just arrived recently at my Ontario Pick-A-Part with the rear end smashed in but the front end is still good. I was just there today for a dome light cover and a piece of plastic trim and someone else was removing the engine and transmission from the same vehicle.,0.003648&t=h&z=18&om=0

PS; go north of the junkyard for about two blocks and see if you can find a building with a familiar name painted on the roof ;)
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