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Anyone know where to get a used head for a 22R?

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Hey forum,
I need a new head for my 1988 normally aspirated 22R motor.
Any leads on where to obtain?
I can pull it from the motor if needed.
Thanks in advance....

Tom in Long Beach, Ca.
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Call a wrecker, 22Rs are plentiful.
i have one available.....$50.00 plus shipping
NICE, does it have the valves in it? need of any work?
And just to be sure it is for a normally aspirated, toyota pick up 1988 22R?

Do you Pay Pal....

This is great news!
Thanks again for your reply!

Tom McBride
Long Beach, Ca.
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yes it has valves and i can throw rocker arms as well.
i accept paypal well
Cool!!! So If I can just bolt it on and it does not need any work...well then I'll take it!
Give me a shipping cost

Thanks again

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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