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Anyone mind appraising this car?

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I'm looking to buy a mkIII Turbo 90-92 and this car is up for sale with asking price of 9500$$. 110k ish miles on the body.

"It is a 5 speed. It has a brand new 7MGTE shortblock with ~10,000 miles on it, rebuilt turbo with 57 trim compressor wheel, HKS metal head gasket, ARP headstuds, new Toyota flywheel and a performance clutch. It has many upgrades including a 75mm HKS exhaust, HKS downpipe, Random Technology catalytic conveter, HKS air filter and a Blitz Boost Controller. "

The pics show the car is very clean and seats look practically unused or recently reconditioned anyway. Black with two tone grey interior (leather).

My thoughts are this is worth about 7500, I might be willing to pay 8000 for it. A friend of mine, who I agree with (and isn't into supras but is a car fiend anyway), thinks 9500 is about 2000 too much for it.

Assuming its everything it says it is... whats your opinion on what the car is worth?
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9500 usd is definetly too much for that car.
What do you think is fair then?
Way too much, Id say in the 4-5k range.
Most of the nothing-new-since-assembly-line supras I've seen are around 5k in decent condition, good ones around 6k.

I guess I'm wondering where the 4.5k difference in perceived value is coming from?
Sounds like a nice car, Id hit him at 4k and see what he says. Tops I'd pay for that car is 5k. Got any pics?
Reading again and looking at that car I would say 5K is very fair. mkiii's are cheap in the states.

If I were you I'd try my best to find the biggest POS with a decent/repairable body for a couple hundred bucks and go from there, but that's me.
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