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hello all,

OK. I know this sounds stupid but I'm buying this car from Ventura CA. I'm in MN and bought it on e-bay. Havn't signed papers yet but have sent off $300 deposit. The dealer told me the car was a complete repaint due to vandalism and he also listed that :
AUTOCHECK REPORTS THAT THIS VEHICLE WAS PREVIOUSLY SOLD AT A WHOLESALE AUTO AUCTION WITH A DISCLOSURE THAT THE VEHICLE HAS FRAME/UNIBODY DAMAGE OR HAD FRAME/UNIBODY DAMAGE. NONETHELESS, HIGH LINE MOTORS HAS INSPECTED IT, DETAILED IT, TEST-DRIVEN IT, AND BELIEVES YOU WILL BE MORE THAN PLEASED WITH YOUR PURCHASE. You can see in the pics the drivers front headlight area and hood gap at the front are different from the left. I'm getting the car for 9,000.00 and it has around 45,000 on the clock. The owner tells me it drives fine. Is there anyone in the Ventura area that could hook me up with a repitable person to inspect this car on Mon?? The main thing is the front corner suspension, how it drives etc. I know it's short notice but Im afraid that a actual inspection service may not be able to do anything for me with such short notice although I will check with them mon. am. i can pay you through paypal. Thanks,


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