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Anyone tried Suspensionmax parts -ebay?

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Recently noticed some great prices; around $70 for a set of springs, and $160 for a set of sport shocks, was wondering if anyone had any good info on this stuff.

I've always used Bilsteins on my other cars, but my '92 4dr may not get the same treatment due to lack of funds.
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don't skimp on suspension stuff. the less you pay, the more you'll regret it.
The stock stuff is just SO soft, and bouncy, my other car is a '92 SC400 with all Supra TT parts on the suspension+ huge wheels/tires, so I'm spoiled already.
I'm hoping to find a way to make this car tolerable without investing alot of dough into a dented up, 170K mile, corolla(it was free), with paint damage from a small fire under the hood.

I've got $200 into it so far, and it runs great now, complete with a non-cracked exhaust manifold!

Anyone ever tried Moog Cargo-Coil springs?
They are about twice the rate of stock springs, and have a progressive rate for about the first inch of travel.
$100 a set, stock height, no ghetto-suspension drama.
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