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anyone wanna come see what im doing?

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This Friday-Sunday I am going to be painting my truck... If anyone wants to come take pics and have a somewhat of a mini meet.. It would be cool if we could get some trucks to come take pics with my new and freshly painted truck. If anyone is up for it let me know, and i will give out more details

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yes many of the people would like to know wht you doing
and also i am too...
Alright everyone! Sorry for being away for sooo long. I got carried away with a project car. lol

But here are the pics of my truck after it was fixed an painted. There are pics before on here somewhere, I am pleased with the outcome.. now all i need is an ARB front bumper and some sliders to be complete!

The Money Shot

Since these pics were taken, the truck has new tail lights, new clear corners and bumpers, and has rhino liner in the bed and a one inch lip of rhino liner around the outside of the bed
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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