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Anything I can do Before the 60,000km Warranty is up?

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Still experiencing the vibration on the floor, pedal at 2700-2900rpm. Toyota dealer told me that, Toyota canada is investigating the issue. Contacted toyota canada and they told to contact the dealer. Is there anything I can do, would the service manager be able to do anything, or have to live with it?? Thanks
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Huh mine does the same thing. It's obnoxious because 2700-2900 is right where the revs sit at highway speed. For me it's a subtle vibration and occasionally a low 1Hz-ish resonance. I am thinking of bringing it up at my last service before 60k so if it craps itself out of warranty the problem is established as preexisting. At about 51k now.
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Documentation is the key. Until you can find resolution, that's about all you can do.

I would do all the trouble shooting I could on my own at the same time though. Put it up on jack stands and try to replicate it, try it in different gears, with the tires off, in may be able to pinpoint it better than the dealership because you can spend more time with it, and you know the sound/vibration to look for.

BTW :welcome: to TN motto !!
As long as your complaint is on the books and your dealer has verified it, once a fix becomes available you should be eligible, under warranty or not.
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