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is there anything worth saving from a 4.10 IFS front of truck? does anyone ever need or use these style fronts or parts of them?

power steering box?

steeirng parts?

brake parts?


cv shafts?




i need to know if any of this is desirable so i know what to save or what to scrap so i can do it now while im scrap happy and its that time of the year now, and i been hauling already anyways


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you didn't say what job your doing--- SAS or what--

BUT--- save the calipers
and by all means THE HUBS !!!! (manual)
if the bearings are good--- them too
u-joints can be reused/swapped-

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ok so basically everything except the CR's and knuckles?

what do you mean by what job im doing?
whats an SAS?
yes toyota trucks, this is toyota forum right?

im scrapping an 84 and an 87 see my sig info

right now im focused on the 87 in which ive already cut up now, and im wanting to haul in and scrap the front half of the truck on tuesday morning, because thats whats left, besides the bed and rear axle and rear leafs

i want to junk the front frame and any front parts that are not desirable or that are never wanted or used by 4x4 guys?

so ppl usually want or need or look for:

the p/steering box,
the CV shafts
the bearings
the manual hubs
both rotors and calipers
the diff

thats it?


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wow i cannot get the hubs to come off i removed all the nuts around the hubs and the second part of the hub the actual body of them will not budge. they are stuck frozen to the studs somehow

how do the cv shaft ends stay in the hubs? there was a gold colored bolt with a washer threaded in the end of the shaft that seems to serve no purpose at all.

also how in the heck are you supposed ot get to the two bolts on the pass side of the trans case mount threaed into the case?? the driver side ones were easy but wow the pass side ones impossible


and how am i gonna get the cv shafts off?

theres a thousand bolts around them and theyre big and omg

wow this isnt gonna happen

just gonna end up scrapping the whole thing mostly. its way too time consuming and i see no way to tear it apart

holy crap

the steering box and mayb the rotors and calipers but even that i doubt anyone around here will want ive never once had anyone looking for anything off this front end yet still

im not onboard for all this nightmare and hassle

i just dont see how its possible without torching the shafts in half, and i dont know about the hubs wow..

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hubs are held onto with cone washers. leave the nuts threaded on a few threads and smack the side of the hub (by each stud) with a brass hammer, then tap a small flathead screwdriver into the slit of the cone washer. It will jump out. Easy as pie.

I wouldnt worry about the crossmember untill you have pulled the trans and t-case till you remove it all.

As for the cv joints, its easy.

undo the 6 17mm bolts, the studs are splined so you just need to turn the nuts. get a buddy to wedge a prybar between the wheels studs to hold the cv axle in place for you.

Air would help ALOT in that situation.

As for the ends of the cv, remove that gold nut and the little c clip. Then the axle will be able to slide out from the back.
That gold nut and the c clip are the only things holding the cv shaft in the knuckle.

relax, this stuff is easy.
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