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Are gen 4 and gen 3 5SFE alternators interchangable?

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I don't know, but when I have questions like this I usually go to some online parts source and use their online catalog. Look up the part for a generation 3 and write down the part number. Now look up part for a generation 4 and compare the part number. If they are the same they should be interchangable. I have done this many times.

Check the connector pins... sketch yours and go look at the other one, I think that there are 2 different connectors used on the 4cyl 90 Amp units.
According to my research, the 92-93 uses a different alternator than the 94-96. The 94-96 alternator is the same one used on the generation 4 (97-2001). This applies only to all US built Camrys. The ones made in Japan are different still.

cool thanks. guess ill have to research more for a high output alternator, maybe end up rebuilding mine.
I'm bringing back this old thread. I recently had a problem with my 94 Camry 4 cylinder 5SFE alternator. I had it rebuilt in early Feb. by an auto electrical rebuilder. The original unit actually smelled like it burned. This electrical rebuilder came highly recommended to me by several professional techs. That rebuilt alternator (they refer to it as remenufactured) only lasted about 1000 miles and died again and smelled burnt again. I took it back to the rebuilder under warranty and he said the rotor went "again" on that unit. He replaced the rotor again and gave it back to me. That rebuild lasted 1 whole day. Again the same burned smell. I brought it back and the owner worked on it himself. He said the rotor checks out OK, but he doesn't like the way it looks, whatever that statement meant. He then checked some books he had in the shop and measured my unit up to a different Toyota/Denso altenator he had on the shelf. He said try this alternator on your car. It's a 90 amp unit form a 1997-2001 Camry 4 cylinder. He said he can get another rotor for my alternator, but it will take a day or 2. He said he's having problems getting parts for the generation 3 alternators and felt this would work fine. He said it's a 90 amp alternator while the generation 3's used a 70 amp alternator. All connections are the same. The only difference I saw was that the pulley was about 1/16 of an inch bigger in diameter; the pulley width was the same and fitted for the same 5 rib belt. I installed it on my car and it fit like a glove and it seems to be working fine. I was wondering if anybody else has done this swap and what the long term results are.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Whoa, totally forgot I started this thread, lol.

If it fits, I don't see it creating any problems, only benefits since it can take a higher current draw.
That is my educated guess, maybe more of an experienced professional can chime in.
Thanks for the feedback WhiteRabit. Anybody else with experience in this swap?

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