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Are new 2010 Nav Discs out yet?

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Hello Highlander Folks,

Are the new 2010 Nav Discs out yet?

I believe I saw on another post that the rev 9.1 discs came out in September of '09 so was wondering if the newest disc after that is out yet?

If so, does anyone know the part number and the revision number?

I would guess that if last years was rev 9.1 then this years would be Rev 10 or something but don't want to assume if someone knows for sure.

The part number, price and rev would be nice to know if someone has it. I would like to get one right away. I live in an area where there are plenty of changes from year to year. (Dallas)

FYI, this is for a 2006 Highlander.

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Hello, yes the new 2010 disc is available as of Sep, 13. Just call a dealer and ask them to order one.
Yes, they are available as outsider60 has stated. Part number is 86271-GEN04-10. That is based on your vehicle being an '06 Highlander; each vehicle can have a differnent generation radio which would require a different disc.

MSRP on them is $199.00. I don't have the version yet because I have not yet ordered one. My price to TN members $165.00 plus actual shipping costs. Just to let everyone know. There is not a lot of mark up on this item to dealers, so I doubt you'll see anything lower than $160.00. If you do, TAKE THE DEAL!!!! :) But make sure you are getting '10 and not the '09 version.
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