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Are these worth getting?

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Okay so I found a set of 93 Land Cruiser alloys and they do have some corrosion on them but as I have never really resurfaced an alloy I am not to sure as to how hard it will be to repair. He is asking $300.

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i think 300 is alot. i wouldnt buy them.
Me alloy enkeis have a lot of the same finish blemishes/pitting/whatever. I don't believe (someone correct me if I am wrong) it will affect the wheel's performance. You can always have them blasted and powdercoated (or just use the old favorite wheel paint) if it bothers you that much. I believe filler can be applied just like body work if you want them perfect.

Also, I believe those are forged wheels, they tend to be more expensive than standard cast alloys. I'm pretty sure that's a relatively standard price for old forged alloy LC wheels (but again, someone correct me if I'm wrong).
A wire wheel on a drill might clean them up, and then plasti-coat them to protect them.
So maybe if you get them for less it may be worthwhile.
Those can be refinished rather easy if you do it yerself. There's a ton of information/videos on how to do that. I wouldn't use the wire wheel and drill method as it comes out too uneven. Go with mounting the rim on the drive axle and use that to spin the wheel fer you... ;)

One thing I would do before you buy them is to have them checked out fer trueness. Wouldn't want to buy wheels that are bent and what not... :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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